Making Use of the White Shark Media Company

The AdWords and search engine optimization on your site are both very important things to make use of. The reason for this is because this is what people will use to find your company for all that it is worth. The best way for you to make use of this type of technology is to […]

Coriant’s Changing of the Guard

A major staff turnover is all but inevitable at many large businesses and corporations, and Coriant is no exception to this rule. In this instance it came in the form of one Shaygan Kheradpir. Coriant, a telecom company that serves as an optical transport vendor, has recently appointed Shaygan Kheradpir to the role of CEO […]

A Passion For Fashion

Doe Deere has an amazing story to tell young women. She wants them to know that if they follow their heart and imagination, then they can succeed at anything in life. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that features bright colors in shades of blue, pink, green and several others. She […]

GTL Breaches Protocol – Investigation Underway

Securus Technologies, located in Dallas, Texas is known to serve more than 3,000 correctional agencies across the United States. According to the BBB, they are committed to providing accurate, safe, and reliable communications. They do commission with some companies to assist in providing these services and they take their responsibilities very seriously. They are one […]

Jennifer Walden Helps Others Achieve Happiness Status

Austin Texas native is now working her way to the top by providing the best in surgical care for many individuals. Jennifer Walden is not afraid to sink her teeth into some of the most important but embarrassing topics online. Men’s expectations of women and women’s expectations of themselves. Women are trying to get back […]

Martin Lustgarten – World Renowned Investment Banker of Venezuelan Origin

Living in Florida, Martin Lustgarten is a seasoned and experienced investment banker whom has built for himself a career from very little. As an accredited investor, he has made investments in many different companies, including technology startup companies. He is of Venezuelan Latin American background and frequently advises on Venezuelan economic issues with regard to […]

Thor Halvorssen Helps Those Who Are Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen is the perfect person to work with on human rights issues because he runs the Human Rights Foundation to help with such problems around the world. He is very aware of how bad some problems are around the world, and he does not want people to end up in a place where they […]

Richard Blair on Wealth Management

Richard Blair knows how to deal with finances and has a track record proving so. He formerly operated as a broker and investment adviser and did so for 18 years before deciding to start his new company, Wealth Solutions. Throughout his many years in the business, he has passed several exams, such as the “Genera […]

Putting On Lime Crime Makeup For That Bold Unforgettable Face

There is makeup, and then there is makeup. We see so many tube of lipsticks, liners, shadows and blushes, that it can get quite dizzying, especially when all the palettes seem to look the same. There is one makeup brand that really sticks out in a crowd, and that’s Lime Crime. It’s full of wild, […]