Needing A Cosmetic Surgeon That Is Tops? Dr. Jennifer Walden Is For You

For those people that want to look their best, it can also make a difference in their attitudes in all aspects of their lives. Looking great can give them the added confidence they need to get promotions at work, do better socially and academically also. Success is the best when one can confidently go out into the world and feel empowered. Cosmetic surgery can do this for people that don’t feel that they have the ability to show their confidence like they want to.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Many people like to have facelifts or wrinkles diminished on the skin of their faces. This is to make them look younger and compete with others in a more logical way. Others, like to have breast augmentation in order to make their bodies look more desirable to the opposite sex. Still others, may want to remove scars or other defects from their skin so they are not embarrassed when they go out in public for work or social gatherings.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Top Texas Cosmetic Surgeon

For those people in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an excellent choice when they are looking for a surgeon that can complete the necessary procedure to make a person’s life more complete. Her educational background, as well as her experience have led her to the high esteem of being a sought after cosmetic surgeon in the Texas area. She had her own cosmetic surgery business in New York before she moved back to Texas, which is where she is originally from.

Dr. Walden In New York

Dr. Walden received a coveted Fellowship spot in New York at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She learned from the best in the industry and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her expertise lies in breast, face and body cosmetic procedures. Before she came back to Texas to practice cosmetic surgery, she served on the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship board as the Program Director.

Having the benefits of Dr. Walden in Texas, has many people excited. They know they will receive the best care possible when she is their plastic surgeon for whatever procedure they have in mind when they want to improve the way they look.

Skout Survey Shows: Online Friendships Booming

In today’s world, with internet being a massive part of everyone’s lives, it’s no surprise that online friendships are a part of that. Skout, which was founded in 2007, has helped so many people form new online friendships. Co-founder and CEO of Skout, Christian Wiklund, had this to say:
“Technology enables us to connect and stay in touch with new friends around the world. We facilitated more than 680 million connections on our platform last year, and as our latest survey shows, having friends you met online is the norm in today’s digital society.”

A recent survey of over 23,000 people worldwide, helped shed some light on the increasing popularity of online friendships. Some highlights from this friendship survey are:

– 76% of Americans stated that they have an online friend that they have never met face to face. That’s 3 out of 4 people. 83% of those people said that they would like to meet their online buddies some day.

-41% of Americans have at least 10 online friends and 62% say that they have at least 5.

– 64% of Americans stated that they have online friends in other countries.

– When it comes to these online friendships, cell phones are making it easier than ever to keep in touch. As opposed to using a computer, 92% of Americans surveyed said that they keep in touch with their online friends by smartphone and 59% of those people talk with those friends every day.

Psychologist Irene S. Levine, who produces “The Friendship Blog”, commented, “Over the past decade, dramatic changes have taken place in the way we live, work and communicate but the need for friendship remains unchanged and essential to our well being. Online friendships can complement ‘in real life’ ones, providing many of the same vital benefits, such as social support and feelings of connectedness.”

With how many friendships have been formed on this site, it’s no wonder it’s growing so rapidly in popularity. To learn more about Skout, sign up, or download, you can visit for details. Or, you can follow Skout on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Stephen Murray and his period at CCMP investment firm

CCMP Capital stands out as an outstanding investment fund that has placed its focus mainly on leveraged buyouts and the transactions on growth capital. In this, CCMP has placed an over $12 billion since it was formed. The investment firm has therefore been ranked position 17 among the very best private equity fund investments in the world.

Currently, with over 50 employees in the firm, CCMP has placed its offices in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and New York. Changing its names from the original Chemical Venture Partners since it was founded in 1984, the company has made great progress to date.

After the Chemical Venture Partners, CCMP became Chase Capital Partners and later JP Morgan Partners and it is from these three names CCMP acronym came to be.

Since 1962, Steve Murray, who was a philanthropist and private equity investor has been the Chief Executive Officer and president of CCMP with Greg Brenneman serving as the chairman.
Stephen Murray got his degree in 1984 from Boston University where he was studying economics. He later on furthered his education by joining Columbia Business School where he attained his master’s degree.

Fresh in the business industry, Murray joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984 and served as part of the credit analyst training program. He later on in 1989 joined MH Equity Corporation which brought together Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group with its leveraged finance unit. Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanovers while MH Equity joined Chemical Venture Partners. Following these merges, Chase Capital Partners was formed.

Wall Street’s Stephen Murray who still continually developed in the business field, was made the head of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. He later on co-founded CCMP and named the Chief Executive Officer of the investment firm. During his period of service, Murray served in numerous company’s boards including, Generac Power Systems, Aramark, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s and Legacy Hospital Partners.

Koch views on criminal justice system

Charles Koch is an American businessman and philanthropist. He is the co-owner and chief executive office of Koch Industries. Charles and his brother David Koch involvement with the criminal justice system have been motivated by their constant focus on helping the less advantaged remove barriers to opportunities and improve their lives. The Koch brothers spend more $250 billion per year on the criminal justice system, which is about four times than they spend per capita on secondary and primary education.

Critics across ideological spectrum say that criminal justice in America is broken. However, they do not always infer the same meaning. According to Koch, the fundamental problem with our current criminal justice system is that the well connective and wealthy individuals experience better treatment than the poor citizens, hence making innocence and guilt irrelevant do. This is fiscally ruinous, immoral, and constitutionally dubious. Bruce Western, a Harvard professor, concedes with Koch point of view, by stating that the current criminal justice system in America creates barriers to opportunity for the disadvantaged people. Further, it creates the cycle of poverty, incarceration, and despair.

Another significant problem with our current justice system is the dramatic shift of power from judges to prosecutors. This can be deduced to ever increasing federal criminals laws, and now there are somewhere in between 4,500 to 6,000. The explosion of statutory crimes and the advent of mandatory minimum sentence empower prosecutor such that, in many instances they become a prosecutor, jury, judge, and executioner. This call America to fix its indigent defense programs and allow judges to make their judgment based on the individual standing before them and facts of the crime, and ensure punishment fit the crime.
According to Koch, We should reject “soft on crime” and “tough on Crime” labels and adopt “smart on crime” and “soft on taxpayers”. In addition, for those who have imprisoned, especially non-violent offenders, the prison should be all about rehabilitation, reform, and redemption rather than reprisal, revenge, and retribution. Currently, there are thousands of government-imposed restrictions that limit ex-offenders from getting business or students’ loans, credit cards, meaningful jobs, and vote. This makes it difficult for people continues with their lives once they have a brush with the law. We need reforms that allow ex-offenders to re-enter society after serving their sentence. Considering that 97% of those imprisoned re-enter society at some point, it is all our interest that offenders are provided with programs and training that make them better people when coming out than when they went in.

This article recapped–initiative-republican/79468744/

Keith Mann is Giving Out Scholarships to Young Business Students

Keith Mann has made public that he is giving out scholarships to young business students. The scholarship is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Keith Mann and Uncommon Schools are making the scholarship possible for the school system’s high school students. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit school system in New York. Applying for the scholarship is simple. They are requesting for the aspirants to write a thousand word essay on how acquiring a college degree will help them execute their career goals. The scholarship requisition starts February 29th and ends at the end of March. The victor will get 5,000 dollar scholarship that goes toward their college tuition.

Keith Mann is the creator of a company called Dynamics Search Partners. He established the company in 2009. Dynamics Search Partners is a hedge fund search company. Mann is also the managing director of the company. In 2001, he helped grow the company to have 2,000 client mandates. In 2002, Mann saw an untapped resource in the hedge fund market. So he extended the company more by introducing Alternative Investment Practice within the company. Mann broaden Dynamics Search Partners even more with by having private equity services. Dynamics Search Partners has business with investment firms that are located in Europe, Asia, and the US.
Keith Mann started his journey as a manager of a company called Dynamic Associates. He was part of the Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates. He climbed up the ranks to become the vice president of the company.

Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea Properly

Sleep apnea is one of the most insidious disorders someone can suffer from. Sleep apnea causes people to lose sleep because of improper breathing, and the disorder causes its sufferers to stop breathing in the night. Doctors like Avi Weisfogel use their considerable expertise to help his patients with sleep apnea, and this article explores how he helps people who are in need of a better night’s sleep.

#1: Sleep Apnea Requires A Sleep Study

Sleep studies are conducted in Dr. Weisfogel’s office, and the study shows the staff how someone sleeps. The information collected during the study helps Dr. Weisfogel create a treatment plan, and every treatment plan is tailored to the patient. The treatment plans directly reflect what was discovered during the sleep study, and Dr. Weisfogel explains the results of each sleep study to his patients.

#2: How Is Sleep Apnea Treated?

Sleep apnea is treated with oxygen and nasal strips that help patients remain asleep in the night. The body slowly loses oxygen in the night, and the patient will wake up often. Patients often do not remember waking up because they go back to sleep quickly, but an oxygen mask or nasal strip will help the patient continue breathing normally in the night. Sleep apnea masks will send oxygen to the mask in a dose chosen by the doctor, and nasal strips are a much less invasive treatment for those who are not suffering terribly.

#3: Can A Patient Get Past Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea does not have a cure at this time, but it is a disorder that doctors like Avi Weisfogel can manage for their patients. A patient under the right treatment plan will begin sleeping better every night, and a patient under the treatment of Dr. Weisfogel may need less treatment in the future. Every doctor wants their patients to sleep well in the night, but a lengthy treatment plan is needed to help patients get better. He recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to support Operation Smile.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a sleep apnea doctor who has created treatment plans for patients across the country. He conducts thorough examinations of every patient, and he helps patients with treatment plans that will reduce the need for intensive treatment in the future. Sleep studies help Dr. Weisfogel create a plan for every patient, and the staff in Dr. Weisfogel’s office will help each patient remain comfortable during their search for a sleep apnea treatment. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his contributions.

I Had Cleaning And Assembly Work Completed By Handy Workers

I’ve been having a lot of trouble cleaning my home, and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even have guests over anymore because my home is always messy. I had a cleaning service that I used to work with, but they started raising their rates unexpectedly, and it cost too much money to clean my home. I wanted a service that would be able to clean my home as well as giving me reasonable rates. After not having anyone over for more than a month, I knew I had to do something about my home.

I started searching the Internet for cleaning services when I found Handy. What I didn’t know was that Handy wasn’t only for cleaning services but for many other services as well. It was so perfect because not only did I need my home cleaned but I had planned on buying a huge entertainment center, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to assemble it on my own. I had a great TV that could fit the entertainment center, but the thought of putting it together made me sick, and I was so happy to find Handy for every service I needed.

I created an account online on the Handy app, and I began taking the time to go through all their services, which really impressed me. I was happy to find that not only could they do the assembly of my entertainment center but cleaning services as well. I even see that Handy does painting jobs as well as plumbing and even moving services. I never knew that such a company existed, and Handy will be the first place that I check every time I need something done inside my home. I chose to make an appointment, and I made an appointment for three days after I signed up for my account.

The Handy workers came on a Friday afternoon, which was perfect because it was my day off. I sat back watching TV in my room while the workers were cleaning my home. I had another worker come out, maybe an hour later to assemble my entertainment center, and I left them all alone while they did their jobs. I heard knocking on my door, and I was told that the work was finished, and I was so pleased with the assembly work as well as the excellent cleaning job.

Experts Optimistic after Positive Week for U.S. Stocks

Friday last week was a significant day for U.S. stocks because it was the first since the beginning of the year the performance was on the upward trend. The positive performance was mainly due to slight recovery of oil prices from their lowest in years, coupled with optimistic of stimulus from overseas. For instance, S&P 500 closed the week 2 percent up, while energy gained 4.3 percent to be ahead of all other sectors. The oil settled at $32 per barrel, its highest price since January 8.

Chris Gaffney, an executive at EverBank World Market said that performance was a reflection of oil prices. According to him, their aim is rally in oil and ensure the price stabilize, more so preventing further falling. He believes equity investors are doing all they can to support the market accordingly. The Dow Jones showed positive performance by closing the week about 210 points up, while Goldman Sachs and Apple were the biggest gainers. Early on the day, Dow Jones had gained over 250 points.

Majority of U.S. averages recorded more than 0.5 percent, Nasdaq being the biggest gainer with a 2.3 percent. Joe Sowin, an officer at Highland Capital Management said the positive performance recorded in the week was due to rallying that was done. Wednesday saw stocks record their lowest, and Joe explains that sectors that were beaten-down like materials and energy were the biggest gainers for the week. He is closely observing earnings analysis in the coming week to establish whether corporate fundamentals will be responsible for supporting additional gains in stocks.

About James Dondero

In 1993, James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, after working for several years in the capital and credit markets. Jim Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management, and has more than 30 years of experience in the financial and capital markets. He studied at the University of Virginia majoring in Accounting and Finance. Together with his co-founder, Mark Okada, they were the first to initiate CLOs and non-bank CLOs in the market.

Jim Dondero has managed a number of funds that have earned accolades for their performance. Jim is a member of the board of different organization like MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is the chairman of NexBank and CCS Medical. Jim is a famous investor who is recognized across the world for the role he has played in the industry. Additional info can be on CNBC on

Artificial Intelligence Finds Niche In Fashion Industry

Artificial intelligence may well be the final frontier. Several decades of research has not resulted in a major announcement that AI has been solved. It has been creeping and crawling into e-commerce for about 10 years, painlessly and without notice. According to the Deccan Herald, AI has extensively forayed into the fashion business. Fashion is a visual thing and it seems to go hand in hand with Image recognition.

Amazon was the first to offer more choices after a search. It was called Collaborative Filtering. What would appear is a list of what other people looked at when the search results were in. If it was a particular movie being searched, whatever else the searcher looked at during this search would be listed. After a few searches, Amazon could store and use this information of first choice to ease the shopper’s trial and error methods.

Image recognition is the latest technology in use. Differentiation of products is still the problem. If a consumer uses a real life photo to do a search, there may be a lot of clutter in the shot. Cropping is needed to see the item more closely. User error is the biggest problem at this stage. Now the process is being streamlined to include new goals, product differentiation and personalization. Eventually image recognition leads to an ideal shopping experience. The consumer’s taste for colors and styles is included within the search.

Slyce is one of the AI companies that have focused exclusively on image recognition. Their image recognition apps are designed to accurately search for close or exact matches. They consider their results to be 90 percent accurate on the image searches, as opposed to 22 percent for text based searches. The CMO of Neiman Marcus, Wanda Gierhart, believes this number to be closer to 95 percent.

Slyce is headquartered in Toronto, Onterio. Cameron Chell is the co-founder and has 25 years of experience in the use of technology and its adaption into real world businesses. Slyce has combined bar codes, coupons, and images to be used with a simple scanner.

Survey Says Skout Helps Make Friends And Find Love

Have you ever tried online dating? It can be easy and really fulfilling if you try it through the right website. I have tried some of the bigger online dating sites, and I have had a terrible time with them. They make you pay to do everything, and there is no guarantee that you’ll ever find someone. Plus, I always felt that there was a big commitment in using them, like I had to find someone on them or I was wasting my time. I don’t feel that way when I use Skout. I feel like they are completely different. It is like they are taking a new approach to online dating, and I want to spread the word to other people because we all deserve a chance at happiness. I had a great time on Skout, and I think you will, too.

Skout is free to use, and signing up is free. Having a profile is free. Searching for people, and chatting with people is free, too. There is so much that you can do on Skout without spending a dime. If you choose to add points to your account, then you get some more use of the site, like you get to see extra photos that people post and cool features like that. However, you never really feel forced to buy points, so the site feels completely free to use. The app is available on iOS and other devices.

Another cool thing about using Skout is that I don’t feel like there is this big, overarching commitment to find someone when I use their platform. Have you ever used a social media website? It’s a lot like that. I feel like it’s easier to make friends on Skout than other social media apps because everyone is super outgoing, and there is no pressure to impress anyone on the platform.

Also, there was this article that I wanted to pass along because it highlighted some really important and relevant information about Skout and friendships in general that I think everyone should read. It talks all about this survey that Skout conducted to get an understanding of peoples’ New Year’s resolutions. People who read the article will find that the aspect of friendship is a huge factor that contributes to whether or not people reach their goals in life and around the New Year. Here is the link to it.